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Body building has been around for ages. From the times of the Ancient Greeks with their famous gladiators down to the modern days of body building for sport. Over the years, body building has evolved into many forms, some for personal gain and others purely for the economic benefit of it. A well build body is a cause for admiration and attention besides also giving someone a physical advantage in most tasks that they perform. It is something that everyone, especially males, has wanted at one time or the other.


However, body building is no easy task. It requires more than just lifting weights. Body building is a combination of discipline, determination, diets among many other things, including hard exercises such as weight lifting. Since many people want the physical advantage of body building, or just to look good with a built body, the body building techniques needed to improve in their ease of accomplishment. Which is how steroid use in body building came to be.


Steroids might not be a necessity for body building, especially where one really just needs to add a few pounds of muscle. However, in most cases, you cannot achieve, superstar body building without having steroids. While there are many illegal steroids flooding the market, there are also the legal steroids. Legal steroids are accepted by sports bodies and under the law. You can therefore use them without having to worry about disqualification in sports or other such activities.

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Steroids boost your performance in body building by:

Steroids increase protein synthesis within the body which then increases the amount of body mass of an individual. This increase in body mass can then be fine tuned by the body builder through exercise to result in increased muscle mass.


Making your muscle cell production faster by boosting your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for muscle growth. Muscle cell production is done by increasing the structural protein.


When one exercises, there is usually a huge amount of stress hormones, particularly cortisol, that are released within the body. These hormones work to bind the receptor sites of your muscle cells. The steroids inhibit this which results in lower fatigue, than would be normal due to the binding.


Steroids also increase bone growth and strength which gives you a stronger physique to support the developing muscles.


Steroids are essential for body builders. However, only legal steroids are acceptable under legal standards and standards of sportsmanship. Use of illegal steroids would be using an unfair advantage over other competitors.

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